The Bet 2012

It’s almost that time! I keep seeing references to Super Bowl snack recipes, so I can only assume it’s coming up soon. This will the fifth or sixth year Chris and I place The Bet: Who Can Go The Longest Without Finding Out Who Won The Super Bowl.

I won last year. I eschewed all social media for a few days and made it past the news cycle, but a few months later it was randomly referenced on a tv show. (Chris got spoiled from a music magazine article about the Air Force Super Bowl commercial that used a White Stripes song after a week or so.)

It’s not an anti-sports thing. I mean, sports are definitely not my bag. At all. But it’s not about raining on anyone’s boring, overhyped parade, but more about finding a way to participate in the hysteria without having to actually watch the game.

Game on.



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