How I stopped hating my janky ass craigslist treadmill

I have this janky treadmill in my basement. I bought it off craigslist for like $100, and I have always, always hated it. It’s loud, so I have to really crank the speakers if I’m watching a TV show, and I get worried if I turn up the volume too loud that my neighbors will catch me watching the Bachelor.

When I use that treadmill I feel really slow and out of breath and I can’t keep up my normal pace. I was wondering if it was just stuffy downstairs or if the speed was really off or what. I was about ready to just give the stupid thing away to a coworker because it was driving me bonkers.

I finally noticed, as I looked at it across the room, that it was on a frigging slant. So, on the lowest incline setting, it was still going uphill. And I was still adding extra incline since running on a treadmill is supposed to be easier and you’re supposed to have it on like 1% to make it more like running outside.

I grabbed a measuring tape and did some math and discovered at the lowest setting it was on a 4% grade, and I’d been using it closer to 5%. What? I know.Yeah, that's me.

Suddenly instead of feeling lame and slow and winded, now I look back on all those treadmill runs I suffered through and I feel bad ass. This is almost as good as when I realized the pool at the rec was 20 yards (I’d been logging it at 15 meters).

Who knows where else I’ve been short changing myself? Maybe I’ve accidentally put thousands away in savings, accidentally been running 30 miles a week instead of 9, or maybe I secretly have thousands of blog readers instead of 4…


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