Book #3 The Marriage Plot

The Marriage Plot

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

I finished this a week and a half ago, and I’m still not all the way sorted out about how I felt about it. It’s still on my mind, so it had some impact, right?

I’m wondering how accurate the portrayal of Leonard’s disease was, and if I’m a jerk for not finding him sympathetic at all. I wonder if it’s strange that I have extremely vivid pictures of what Leonard and Mitchell look like, but I draw a blank on Madeleine.

I also wish the story had been told a bit more chronologically. I think jumping around in the timeline and using flashbacks can be a valid device, but mostly it left me with moments where I didn’t really care what was happening because I didn’t have the backstory.

My overarching impression of the book was that nothing was happening. Making an inevitable comparison, Middlesex covered three generations over 60 years or so. The Marriage Plot covers three graduating college kids over a year or two. Quite a bit less action.


It is Saturday. Apparently I’ve established that Saturdays are for working out, taking naps, and falling down internet holes. Nothing else.

I am waiting to find out if Saturday night will mean scoring an extra ticket to Ryan Adams and going with a girlfriend or if it will mean lasagna and Grey’s Anatomy with Chris. I’m honestly pumped either way.



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