Half Marathon Training – Week One!

Mmm, so this picture kind of sucks. But. This was my first official week of training for my first half marathon!

It ended up kind of messy since I had stuff after work Monday through Thursday and I ended up feeling really sick to my stomach Friday afternoon. Running only twice this week was not the plan, but my evenings were just full.

Running in the morning isn’t really an option for me during the week.

  1. My gym opens at 6 am, but I get to work at 7 am, so not enough time.
  2. My other options for running are outside (in the dark…on the ice…in my “up and coming” neighborhood, no thanks!)
  3. Or on my always-on-an-uphill-treadmill downstairs, where our semi-permanent house guest has been staying.
  4. PLUS, I actually hate working out before work. Always have.

So evenings it is.

I have “Life” on my calendar not to list excuses for shuffling things around, but more just to keep track. And to give myself props when I have stuff and I still manage to stick to the plan. Like tomorrow…when I’m having a tiny dinner party but still planning on getting in my scheduled three miles! Or last week when I went ice skating with my team at work and then sipped water at the bar so I could hit the treadmill afterward.

This was also a weird week because I ended up walking to work most mornings because the roads were really icy, and I just wasn’t feeling up to the nerve-wracking bike ride. Walking to work is nice, but it’s one more thing that takes up time, tires me out a bit (my work bag weighs a good 15-20 pounds depending on the day), and means I have to wake up earlier.

Today is Monday, first day of week two! I just got home, and I should…do something. Crunches. Bike. Crappy treadmill. But I just got home, and it’s 9:00 PM, so it may just be bedtime.



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