Bikinis and Boots

So.  Chris and I are going on our first honest to goodness real vacation EVER this month. Not going somewhere for a wedding or the holidays or a baby shower or for work. Just getting on a plane to Mexico to lay on the beach and be moony at each other about our anniversary. On Sunday, we went to Target to buy new swimsuits, something neither of us has done since moving to Colorado. And, something that felt weird to do since it was nine degrees outside.

(Sidenote: I’m pretty sure it has been like 5 years since I bought a new swimsuit. My go to suit is one I bought in high school, still fits! Which makes me feel like any time I have ever spent fretting over calories and pounds and other boring things like that has been an utter waste since no matter how little or much I have eaten or worked out, I have stayed almost exactly the same size, head to toe, for the last 10 years.)

Anyways, I’m in Target and I take a picture of myself in a potential new swimsuit on my phone and text it to Chris for his opinion, because he’s off looking at Man Things. I also think it will make him laugh, because since I was cold, I left my boots on while I was trying things on.

Cut to today, and of course one of our tech guys at work wants to put our new mobile app on my iPhone so I can test it out. I’m sure you see where this is going. Of course that photo is on the screen when I hand it over (because I was looking at it, debating deleting). Awwwkward. SO awkward. Sorry for showing you a picture of me in a bikini and boots, dude!

Actual photo, deleted, but here is my artist’s rendition.

(I’ve decided I am all about the non matching tops and bottoms.) I ended up with a gray top and one blue bottom and one pink bottom. And while I very much like the way they look, there will not be any photos of me in them my phone ever again.



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