Half Marathon Training – Week Two!

What up! Week two went much more according to plan than week one. I did exactly what I was supposed to do every single day. Amazing.

By far the high point (slash low point) of the week was peeling myself out of bed at 5:30 AM on Thursday to run five miles. You should be so impressed by this.

  1. It was dark! I wore two blinky lights plus a headlamp plus a reflective vest and tried to stay on busier roads.
  2. It was friggin’ cold! Had I known it was 17° outside, I’d have likely stayed in my bed. By the end, my butt was numb.
  3. I hate running in the morning and always have.
  4. The last time I ran this far was in September, in the Boulder Sunset Olympic Triathlon.

I promise I will stop saying “I haven’t run his far since…” because every week it’s going to be since last September.

It was dark when I left Thursday morning and it was getting dark when I left on Tuesday evening. Captain Safety to the rescue! The blinkies and the vest on Tuesday:

I added a headlamp on Thursday.

I thought the headlamp would bother me, but it was totally comfortable.

The other remarkable thing about this week is that I went to yoga three times. I didn’t even think I liked yoga, but suddenly I’m one of those people saying, “my body is so craving yoga right now.” Barf. I mean… Om?



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