Half Marathon Training – Weeks Three and Four

Who knew that going on vacation for a week might throw off your training? (Chris and I went to Mexico Saturday-Wednesday to celebrate our ten year anniversary.) I had kind of high hopes that I would actually work out a lot while we were gone, but the lounge chairs on the beach were calling my name.

Week Three:

Monday – I had the week off from my usual volunteer gig, but I needed to take Harper over to visit the house where he stayed while we were gone to give my friend some peace of mind that her dog and my dog would do just fine home alone. They did great.

Tuesday – The disastrous run club.

Wednesday – I ran six miles! It was cold and windy and muddy but this was my long run for the week and it got done.

Thursday – Tried to get some packing done and then watched the Bachelor with a girlfriend.

Friday – went to happy hour after work, took Harper to the dog sitters’, packed.

Saturday – Flew to Mexico!

Sunday – Went on two long beach walks. No joke, my hips were sore the next day. I saw folks running on the beach and I wanted to high five them all. But I was busy laying on my lounge chair sipping champagne.

Week Four:

Monday – Hotel gym, spend 30 minutes on the exercise bike, and then Aqua Aerobics in the pool, which was amazing. Not a hard workout, but it got the heart rate up, and the moves were so cheesy I was cracking up the whole time. That’s abs, right?

Tuesday – Went to a yoga class. It was so quiet. Very different from the continual monologue you get from a teacher here.

Wednesday – Never ending day of travel to get home. So much wine on the plane.

Thursday – I took the day off work, but only managed 15 minutes on the treadmill before I wanted to intentionally injure myself. Hopped on the arc trainer (like an elliptical?) for 15 minutes just so the trip to the rec wouldn’t be a total waste.

Friday -Happy hour after work, dinner at Eden with Chris, followed by Danielle Ate The Sandwich at the Walnut Room. (Dinner and a show was my anniversary present.)

Saturday – Ran 2.5 miles. After such a long time off, this felt so hard, and I was so tired. Followed by a yoga class at Root Yoga. (I am in love with them. My favorite place I have gone in Denver.)

Sunday – Feeling very pathetic about the past two weeks, I was like, “Okay Mel. Break’s over. Get your ass in gear. You can at least run four miles. It’s happening. GO.” But then, magically, I felt awesome and I ran 5.2 miles instead. What. Up. And then another yoga class at Root Yoga.

Hoping things get back to normal this week! But not too shabby, all things considered.



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