They’re cute when they’re asleep

I got home on the late side last night (10:30, late for this early riser), and as I approached my front door I peeked through the window to see this guy, asleep on the couch, having tried but failed to wait up for me.

So of course, like a creeper, I snapped a photo and posted it on the internet. (I hope no one else walking past our house did this.)

Which brings me to something I’ve been thinking about a lot the past week: what is it okay to say on the internet about your relationship and the other person in it?

I like to brag about Chris (duh, because he’s awesome) and I like to tell funny stories about silly things he’s done (like drinking tap water in Mexico and then wondering why he felt…off) and I like to talk about our little life.

But there’s a murky line I don’t want to cross, and I’m just a person who feels better when I can codify my standards. (I was so happy when someone pointed out that a variety of my food aversions (jam, pie, raisins) all stem from one rule: I don’t like cooked fruit. Ah, simplicity.) 

For now, I suppose I’m okay posting a cute picture of him asleep. And maybe one more. And I’m still chewing on the rest of it.



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