Daylight Saving Time: We Also Cannot Be Friends

I wasn’t sure I had any more to say about Daylight Saving Time. But I do!

It’s not just silly and wasteful. It’s not just a grammar nightmare (Everyone says Daylight Savings Time [wrong!] but then continues to refer to time zones as standard time [count how many times people refer to ‘8 am Eastern Standard Time’ this summer, go ahead!] and then tack on how many folks will say ‘I loooove the ‘extra’ hour from DST!’ in the fall [really, they love the end of DST]).

It’s also just…a vocabulary issue.

From the google:

Daylight Saving Time (Saving-guh, not Savings-suh) runs from March through November. Eight months out of the year. Meaning “Standard” time is only four months out of the year. 

Hang on, doesn’t standard imply normal? Prevailing? Typical? Common? Most often the case…?

Add to that that I was 30 minutes late for breakfast this morning because my morning routine was thrown off  (not to mention my clock) and it’s 11:30 pm  (when it should only be 10:30) and I’m stressed about not getting enough sleep before a long Monday at work.

Do you know what already happens in the summer? The days get longer. You get more daylight in general, and more in the evening, without an act of congress even. Hunh.



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