Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday: Giraffe Edition

This giraffe for sale in the airport made me laugh. In part because it matched my carry on bag and my travel pillow (and one of my bikinis, not pictured). Also, because it’s for sale in the airport. How would getting that home even work?

In other random news (and by news I mean something I’d like to gripe about…) the weather in Denver is perfect and gorgeous. It’s very warm and pretty but not too hot. As a result, everyone is outside. Everyone. And it’s making me so grumpy.

Why do we have such disdain for the fair weather fans? Why do I care if there are 100 people running in City Park when it’s 65 degrees? Why does it bother me that there are suddenly so many other cyclists on the road during my commute?

I mean, I know it’s in part because more people outside means more people are doing dumb things like letting their dogs run amok or embracing unsafe cycling, but I’m not sure that’s it.

I want to be a laid back, easy going kind of positive person who can just enjoy the damn sunshine, but sadly I think I have the curmudgeonly grump gene.



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