Half Marathon Training – Weeks Five and Six!

Week five – Did I seriously only run once this week?!

Monday – I had Monday off from my regular volunteer gig and I plowed through 60 minutes on my exercise bike!

Tuesday – Book club and watched the Bachelor with a friend.

Wednesday – I was going to make up my three miles today, but I desperately needed to catch up with my best friend so we could swap notes on people who suck.

Thursday – Meant to run four miles, but misjudged the distance and ended up back at my house after 3.7 without the motivation to run around the block for .3 miles.

Friday – Chris’s birthday! I faked him out and we ordered Thai food and I got him a lame card and a sweater off the clearance rack.

Saturday – Swam 1,000 meters, went to yoga. Pretended to go for a run in between but really went and got a cupcake for Chris’s real birthday, which was a surprise night out on the town, a cute card, and a real present.

Sunday – Madness! This day was way overbooked, breakfast with a friend stretched into two hours, it was the only day we could go mattress shopping, and we needed to clear out a part of our house where we’re starting a remodeling project because the contractor was supposed to start the next day. But of course he didn’t. A blog post for another day.

Week six – Seven miles! And I learn to rest.

Monday – Five hours of watching the Bachelor and talking smack. Team Courtney!

Tuesday – Couldn’t even eek out three miles. Tired and grumpy about dodging so many off leash dogs. I threw in the towel at 2.7.

Wednesday – Impromptu doggie play date/folks over for dinner!

Thursday – Seven effing miles! Without music after the first 20 minutes because my iPod batteries died. Hard! Freaking! Core! Followed by the fastest shower of my life and still showing up 20 minutes late to dinner at a friend’s.

Friday – Sat through a high school musical. Bless their hearts. The student I went to see was amazing!

Saturday – Ran 3.5 miles! Brag: that’s 16% more running than scheduled! Went to yoga with a friend. It was one of those classes with lots of “Om”s and talking about universal life vibrations. Sigh.

Lunch, a nap, and then I spent the evening on the patio at the Denver Bicycle Cafe drinking beers.

Sunday – Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Sunday I rested. Well, I actually convened a meeting of the Ladies Walking Club and we covered five miles. But I gave myself the day to catch up on work and eat a leisurely breakfast and take a bubble bath and not make the whole day about cramming in workouts and just happened to end up going for a long walk it was glorious.

I know there are people with like 9 kids and four jobs who run nonprofits and who are generally way more busy and important than I am, but I work hard and I rarely just give myself a full day off and it felt amazing.

Like, re-think my whole training plan amazing. As I remembered how completely burnt out I was at the end of last summer, I thought Sundays off might be the ticket to avoid that this year.

Tomorrow my long run is up to 8 miles. Yikes. Random thought: it is strange to run more miles than my round trip commute for two days. I rarely have any practical need to transport myself more than 3 miles from my home.



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