Half Marathon Training (and Life) Recap – Weeks 7 and 8

Week 7

Wanh wannnnhh. Not quite as much of a face plant as the week I only ran once, but disappointing nonetheless.


Monday – My regular Monday night volunteer gig.

Tuesday – Two miles on the treadmill, break for an HOA meeting in my living room, back downstairs for one more mile to make three.

Wednesday – I cannot for the life of me remember what happened this day. I have checked my calendar, my email, my twitter, even my credit card activity. It’s fair to assume I probably sat on my couch and drank beer.

Thursday – I discovered that from my house to Cheesman park, four laps of the park and back is exactly eight miles. (Please don’t use that information to find my house and murder me.)

The last mile was all downhill and I got excited and pushed too hard. My knees and ankles and hips started to crackle and pop. Once I stopped I was hobbling and having a very slightly hard time finding my words. Like, I couldn’t say the word “cyclist.” Over and over I could only come up with “bicycle rider.”

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – My faux in laws were in town! (My “common in laws” is more clever but when people try to tell me Chris and I are married by common law it makes me all rage-y so I don’t want to encourage that. Probably a post for another day, but reader’s digest version: you can’t get married by accident.)

Week 8

Monday – After having family in town all weekend on the heels of a tough work week, I was happy no volunteering tonight! (Our kids were on spring break.) Sat on the couch. Drank wine.

Tuesday – Three miles! New route in my hood. The weather was perfect.

Wednesday – Went to an amazing art show put on by kids and teens at the Athmar branch of Denver’s public library. So. Cool. (Look at this cool bookshelf mural they made! All the books are made of strung together copies of sections of pictures, see?)

Pizza and beers after at the Walnut Room, and our group of 12 or so somehow accidentally overtipped by like $50. You’re welcome, server guy at the Walnut Room!

ThursdayNine miles in Wash Park! My belly was not feeling awesome and I almost bailed after five miles but since I was over half way done, I really just wanted to finish and not have to try to find another day to do the nine. Two, um, extended “rest stops.”

Anyone else run while listening to the Dan Savage podcast?

Friday – Happy hour! Followed by going back to my office to eat some delicious leftover pizza from the fridge.

Saturday – Got all my stuff out to swim but then I putzed around the house too long, lost track of time and missed my window. Went for a 3 mile run with a girlfriend and then we met two other friends at yoga.

Spent the afternoon on a patio with my friends drinking beer at the Denver Bicycle Cafe and eating salads from Serioz next door. Went and saw Jewel (Who will saaa-a-aave your soul?) And then we hung out at our place and my neighborfriend brought his dog over to play with Harper.

Sunday – Tried to run 3 miles but I was so tired and it was so hot I bailed at 2.5. Finally plunked down $130 for a yoga class pass and then discovered my favorite teacher is no longer teaching there. Half considered asking for my money back. Didn’t.

Brunch at Strings. Groceries. Target.

This week was great! I think I have learned that four runs a week is one too many for these legs. I’m also regretting every week when triathlon season draws nearer and I don’t swim or bike. But in the meantime I’m still falling in love with yoga and not ready to give it up.

Five weeks left to go! Yikes!



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