Half Marathon Training (and Life) Recap – Week 9 – Injury Edition

Monday – Work, volunteer, followed by a committee meeting. One of those glorious days when I leave the house at 6:30 am and don’t get home until 10. It’s for the kids!

Tuesday – Happy hour/book club, plus it was snowing! So I walked to work and called that a workout. (I mean, my bag does legit weigh 25 pounds when loaded up with my gigantic work laptop and all my other “essentials.”)

Wednesday – Most Glorious Run of My Life ™ The weather was perfect, I had new shoes, and a girlfriend with juicy boyfriend stuff to discuss. (Not that juicy.) Three miles followed by beers on my stoop. I win at life.

Thursday – Left for a 4 mile run but called in quits after only 2.5. My right ankle was killing me. Ow. Not cool.

Friday – I glared at my ankle and willed it to feel better.  Oh, also houseguests arrive. This hardly even registers as an event anymore as I am essentially running a hotel this year.

Saturday – Really, really, really wanted to go swimming but Chris talked me into brunch at Parallel 17 instead, followed by yoga. Brunch at Parallel 17 was not as awesome as swimming. Truly. And then a super fun fundraiser that night! Wore great high heels but did not dance in them for fear of further injury. Glared at my ankle some more.

Sunday – Still feeling a little twinge in my ankle though it’s much better. Went on a five mile meeting of the Ladies Walking Club and then to yoga.

Once again, you would never know I have a triathlon coming up in two months! Swimming and biking? Neverheardofem.  Resolved: that changes this week. Seriously. Also, I’m going to switch back to my old shoes and see if that helps the ankle.

Only four weeks until my half-marathon! I want like a teeny tiny 13.1 sticker so it doesn’t take up too much room on my Nalgene. (And, to be honest, I read too many running blogs so 13.1 miles doesn’t seem that far anymore, just far for me.) Also so I can save room for a big 70.3 one at the end of the year!



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