It’s for the kids! Drinking, fancy dresses, and volunteering.

So, I always complain about long Mondays, but they’re long because I volunteer for a great cause called Minds Matter, an organization that mentors high-achieving, low-income students. (Now accepting volunteer applications for Fall 2012!)

My favorite part about volunteering is the SAT math prep (I do algebra like other people do crossword puzzles), but my second favorite part is the annual fundraiser! It was on Saturday. Dinner, drinks, dancing, auction, drinks…you know, for the kids.

This year I decided to retire the yellow dress I have worn to basically every cocktail-dress occasion I have attended for the past seven years and I tried Rent the Runway for the first time.


Photo courtesy of 2007. I miss our tiny apartment by the beach sometimes.

Rent the Runway was awesome. I think I will be using it again in the fall for another event. Things I love about it:

·        I got to wear a $400 Badgley Mischka dress to my fancy fundraiser!
·        The grand total was only $64.95 (with a promo code, but it’s the kind of thing where they always have a promo code. I probably get an email from them every other day).
·        I didn’t have to spend any time or money at the dry cleaners.
·        When you pick your dress, they send you two sizes to make sure one fits (good thing since I usually wear a size 12 but needed to size down).
·        They send you a little pack of fashion tape. (Needed one little piece to make the neckline just about an inch more modest.)
·        The reviews online of the dresses are awesome. I love the pictures ladies post of themselves in the dress along with their height and dress size to give you a better idea of how it will look on a real person. (Hi, can we get this at other online stores?)
·        Return process is super duper easy. They give you a prepaid envelope and you just put everything in, seal it up, and drop it in a blue mailbox.

Didn’t love:

·        Getting nickel and dimed for the shipping ($9.95) and insurance ($5) at checkout. Why not just include it in the price since it’s always required?
·        It’s definitely a rental. One of the zippers was a little grumpy and there were a few loose threads on my hem.

My dress was really bright and sparkly and comfortable to boot. I kind of wish I could buy it, but sadly I do not have many occasions for all-over sequins. Although, technically my office doesn’t have a dress code…



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