Black Pants: My Journey Through Polyester and Back

True fact: there was a time in my life when I did not own one pair of black pants. On principal. Because every sorority girl at my university (except me) seemed to wear only black pants ever, and I was not interested in dressing like them. Oh, Past Mel. Such a special snowflake rebel.

But any regular workout regimen probably involves a good amount of black pants. I had somehow been scraping by with one oft-laundered pair of black knee pants, purchased at Target five or six years ago. I just wore them for everything. They fit, they have a pocket in the back that’s big enough for my phone, what else do you need?

Then my stock doubled; my parents bought me a very fancy pair of CW-X running tights for Christmas. But those are really just for running. They’re not comfortable for biking or yoga.

The other day, though, I held up my trusty Target knee pants and realized if I held them up to the light, I could see directly through them. Especially in the part worn thin in the booty. Which means in just the right light, in just the right pose, I was probably flashing people in yoga. Sorry, yoga friends!

So yesterdayI became a lady who owns sort of fancy yoga pants. Fancy I guess in that they are basically special pants I bought just for yoga, and fancy because they were a whopping $62. (They’re these Nordstrom brand ones, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.) I tried on maybe a dozen pairs total.

I’m a little embarrassed to own $62 black stretchy pants, but I figured the nicer ones from Target are $30-40 anyways, so I was only spending a little more for what I presume is a better product, though that’s probably 100% BS rationalizing since my last Target ones have lasted this long. But I mean…Nordstrom is also closer to my house. So…I also saved maybe a nickel on gas? Yeah. There are few purchases I can’t rationalize.

And! Definitely no flashing. I did a lot of this to make sure. And then took pictures to share with you fine folks.  You’re welcome.



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