It’s fun living in a swing state

I went to the rec center last night, and upon arrival realized I had forgotten my membership card, a lock for the locker, and headphones. Defeated, I went home, but I rallied! Put my Garmin on to charge while I changed clothes and chatted with my mom for a few minutes. Then I struck out to run and see how the ankle was feeling. By the time I got to the park by my house I was feeling pretty good, enjoying the sunset, and trying not to swallow too many gnats.

Until I realized that ahead the running path was cordoned off with police tape. There were cops everywhere, and a crowd was starting to gather. I moved off the running trail and passed some stern looking officers. 

I was thinking gang violence or at least some kind of shooting. I hesitantly asked, “What’s going on?”

 “The President’s coming.”

 “Of…the United States?”



 “Sorry, yes. That was not that great of a joke.”

 “Oh. Cool.”

 Word was his helicopter was supposed to land briefly, but I didn’t see or hear any helicopters as I finished my loop. Kind of a fun surprise, it would have been more fun if I actually got to wave. Or, OMG, if I had been at the random bar where he stopped in Boulder. (First photo: I wish so badly that was me.) 



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