That’s the night when the lights went out in Five Points…

Sometimes it really feels like the world is conspiring against you. I suited up for a run in the neighborhood, but when I walked outside, the clouds looked ominous and I saw a few flashes of lightning. Change of plans! I queued up Gossip Girl and fired up the treadmill.

Harper tried to join me (we trained him to walk on it so he can get some extra exercise in the winter, and now he loves it).


Maybe five minutes into my workout the clouds let loose with rain and thunder, and I was feeling good about my decision to stay inside. Until a few minutes after that when the power went out and brought my treadmill to a stop. Wanh, wanh.

Change of plans again. I texted my neighborfriends and we drank some beers in the dark and then cooked dinner on the grill with the help of headlamps. Have I mentioned we have kind of won the neighbor jackpot?

And neighborfriends are the best kind of friends because you can have three beers and not worry about how to get home. 



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