Oh hey, Boulder Sunrise. I didn’t see you over there, hanging out on my calendar for this weekend

I keep forgetting I am supposed to do an Olympic Triathlon on Saturday. Last summer I did this same race at the peak of my training. I worked hard for months and then…kind of had an awful race.

This year I’m like…”Well, I’m in pretty good shape. We’ll just see what happens.” So I can only assume I will dominate, right? That’s what happens when you have worn your wetsuit twice so far this year and have gone on exactly one non-stationary bike ride? (Besides commuting.)

I should really drop down to the sprint.

Dressing Room Snaps

Okay, so it wasn’t horribly obnoxious the last time I posted pictures of myself trying on clothes, right? I went shopping by myself again and feel compelled to share. I wish there was some sort of site where people who are 5 foot 8 and wear a size 12 and like to shop at Ann Taylor could congregate and swap notes. Does this exist?

First of all, the dressing rooms at this Ann Taylor have lights behind the mirrors. Which makes it really hard to take decent photos with a phone. I had to use the trick where you point your phone at something dark (the floor) and then quick move it back up to take a picture of what you really want before it has a chance to adjust to the lighting.

Does that even make sense? Otherwise I ended up with this:

Do you think that’s on purpose? Do you think they want to discourage camera phone action because when you post a picture of yourself trying something on in the dressing room it will never look as good as it does on the model? And they don’t want you to post it on the internet and be like “Here’s what normal people look like in this dress.”

Moving on. Look at these fancy photo collages I made on my phone while I was on the not-quite-an-elliptical-machine the other day! Cut here because this got really long and many years of using livejournal in college trained me to think it’s polite not to spam people’s feeds with tons of pictures.

This pink skirt was really soft. The biggest size in the store was an 8, and it did a not-so-flattering clingy thing to my hips. I think a bigger size would be great, but I don’t even see it on their website anymore so probably not meant to be.

This teal dress was the only thing I tried that wasn’t on sale, so I was happy it didn’t fit well. I needed an extra inch in the hips and an inch subtracted from the waist. (if I recall correctly it was a size 12.) It also had this zipper up the side. I thought it was an interesting detail, but it made me laugh to think about the purpose. Like…just in case you need to…ride a horse on the fly!

I just asked Chris what he thought the purpose of a zipper like this would be. He replied “So you can up the slut if you need to.” Classy.

This hot pink dress looked so cute on the model but it felt really old ladyish on. And that’s coming from someone who is always the youngest person in Ann Taylor… The shoulders were boxy and the material was kind of scratchy. An 8 was the biggest size in the store, which is why this looks too small. You know, because it is.

Oh, hello flattering but modest work appropriate dress! This guy came home with me, the fabric was awesome and thick and just stretchy enough. Sadly it is going back because when I tried it on at home and took a few steps it immediately started riding up. It was right at my cutoff point for too-short-for-work when I was standing still, so once it started riding up it was more like work-appropriate-only-if-you-are-on-a-tv-show. My fault for trying to make something from the petite section work. (I found this on a sale rack in a 12P.)

And finally…my only winner. This dress is kind of a perfect blank slate. It’s not that exciting on its own but it works with big belts or big necklaces or interesting shoes. And the skirt does a really neat floaty thing when you walk. It ran way big. I bought a 10 and it was still a little loose, but I err on the side of loose. That way when if it ends up in the dryer on accident, it might still be saved from the goodwill pile.

One final thought. Ann Taylor, who on earth do you think is shopping at your store to buy this fringey feathery hot pink mini skirt? Stick to what you’re good at. That is to say, MOAR tweed, plz.

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore (Because I would just worry they weren’t Fairtrade and Ethically Sourced)

A gal in my office received “just because” flowers from her husband yesterday . They’re super pretty and they smell nice. Another coworker just joked, “Your husband wins this week!”

At almost that exact moment Chris texted me with an update on our toilet that backed up this morning. You don’t need the gory details, but a plunger didn’t work, snaking with a coat hanger didn’t work. He had gone to the hardware store to get another thing to try to hopefully prevent having to call a plumber to save us a $200+ bill.

Some girls swoon for candy and flowers, but I’ll take the guy who will run to the beer store in the rain and try to unclog the toilet by himself. To each her own.

Goals for this summer

I literally just said this out loud:

“Okay, I moved Tuesday’s workout to Thursday, Wednesday’s to Sunday, Thursday’s to Saturday, Saturday’s to Friday, and Saturday’s to Wednesday.”

Half Iron Man training officially began today with a half-assed elliptical workout because the spin bike I was on made me mad.

I just spent 15 minutes re-arranging my training schedule for the week so I could go to a friend’s baby shower, watch the Bachelorette with a friend, and host a friend’s birthday party this weekend, and sleep in tomorrow since I left the house at 6 am and didn’t get home until after 9.

I have two huge, competing goals for this summer:

  1. Not miss workouts. I can’t be unprepared for a race that will take me eight hours to finish on a good day. I won’t make it. I don’t want to make myself miserable for eight hours. That would suck.
  2. Not miss stuff I want to do. I don’t want to be a person who misses time with my friends because I was working out. That was the whole point of switching to morning workouts, to free up evenings so I can live my life and earn a 70.3 medal.

Anyways. My tub is filling up with a bubble bath and I have a half empty beer to attend to.

Two heads are better than one

This morning I got up early to cheer Chris on for his first half marathon! Poor guy ended up two minutes over the two hour mark thanks to a six minute line for the port a potties.

It was really fun to get to cheer for him. We usually do the same races, and he always finishes first so I’ve never gotten to be the one craning my neck at the finish line, trying to get a good photo.

We came home and he started with a quick ice bath and then filled the tub again for a warm epsom salt soak. Halfway through his second bath, I thought,

“Uh oh. I have to go to the bathroom. Ugh. Am I going to have him run the water while I go? Ask him to get out of the tub? I should just try to hold it…”

But then I remembered…we added a second bathroom! I keep forgetting because after some initial drama nailing down a start date, honestly the whole thing went really smoothly. I’m never home during the day, so it felt like plumbing and electrical fairies came each day like magic.

And four weeks later it was done! The contractor never officially told us it was done, but I did come home the day he said he thought he’d be done to find a final inspection notice on the kitchen counter along with the house key he’d been using. And he cashed our check. So, using my construction detective skills, I declared it done.

(He was actually really awesome, and we’re really happy with the work. He’s just really good at building stuff and not that great at emails.)

This is my I-just-used-our-new-bathroom-for-the-first-time face/dance.

I want you to know I paused for a long time before clicking post, because bathrooms and bathroom related things are kind of private, but what the heck. We’re all friends here, right?

Welcome back to my life, ugly wetsuit

Open water swimming opened today! I swim in Bowles Reservoir, where Mile High Multisport hosts swimming from 7-9:30 on the weekends and 5:30-7 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This year I got a season pass so I can go as many days as I want. I have to go nine more times to make the pass cheaper than the drop in rate. Fine by me because I frigging love swimming outside.

I 100% stole this picture from google image search. This is Bowles Reservoir, but it didn’t look like this today. It was gray and raining pretty hard. One more reason swimming is better than running or cycling? Rain doesn’t really ruin it. The walk from the car to the locker room was chilly, but once you get in the water it’s hard to even tell it’s raining.


When I did my google image search, though, I found this drawing I made of the reservoir last year. Those are swimmers wearing bright yellow caps. You have to wear a bright colored cap, that’s a rule!

I felt super rusty. I had a false start with my wetsuit and one of the legs was all twisted. I also pushed a nice thumbnail gash into one of the legs. Oops. Maybe I did it subconsciously since I hate, hate, hate my pink wetsuit. It works fine as a wetsuit, it just looks like a 1980s barbie wetsuit to me.

Fancy photo collage of my ugly wetsuit, two pictures from this morning and a race photo from last year:

It’s always hard to put your face in the water for the first time, and it took me a long time to warm up, but after 20 minutes or so I was feeling pretty good and transitioned from flailing and gasping to swimming and breathing. I definitely need to practice my sighting, but it felt good to be swimming outside again. Nothing against the lap pool, I love that too. But I wish I could take a picture of the view from the middle of the reservoir. It just feels so cool to be floating around out there.

And there is not a more friendly group of people than those you meet at open water swimming. Everyone wants to talk to you about your races and their own races and to compare notes on gear.

Aaah! I just feel so good and happy and looking forward to MOAR SWIMMING this summer.