Some things about my pets

Harper has decided he only wants to be under the bed. All the time. (Pictured with his BFF, our neighborfriend’s dog, Maggie.) I have felt really busy lately and like I might be neglecting him. I’m glad we’re dog sitting next week so he gets lots of play time.

Four years after we adopted her, I think our cat is warming up me. She lets me pet her and I can pick her up without her trying to scratch me sometimes.

This might also be related to being busy and never home. When I worked at home, she never came near me. But if she’s home alone for a long time, she’s all over us when we get back. So, basically I have to play hard to get with my cat, as though she is a jackass guy I’m dating. Psycho Kitty! Qu’est-ce que c’est?



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