Colorado Half Marathon – Race recap

I think my brain is still a little fried from this morning, so maybe I shouldn’t necessarily call this a race recap as much as it’s a mishmash of thoughts on the past 24 hours:

  • I did it!!!
  • The medal is heavy and awesome. Except that it pictures three runners…all dudes…in short shorts.
  • Running 13/1 miles is hard, y’all.
  • Until about the nine mile mark, I was feeling awesome.
  • By the 11 mile mark I wanted to die. I was very ready to be done. Maybe I should look into more ten mile races.
  • Spectators and volunteers who cheer for the super speedy marathoners but who didn’t cheer for the slow and struggling half marathoners can bite me.
  • If you’re standing around waiting to see your family or your friends, why not just cheer for everyone?
  • One more thing about spectators: someone I know told me the whole last mile would be cheering spectators. Au contraire, mon frere. Try the last….0.1 miles maybe.
  • Sorry, really one more thing. There were people who were nice and cheery and gave awesome words of encouragement, and I appreciated it.
  • My right ankle did FINE. I was so stinking worried and after all that, not a peep out of it.
  • My left hip, on the other hand, was a whiny bitch from mile 6 on. It is still aching now.
  • I wasn’t hungry until we were halfway back to Denver and then I turned into a starving, grumpy beast.
  • I am using all my will power not to crack open the champagne Chris got for me to celebrate since I have plans to hit up yoga at 4.
  • Running with my cousinfriend was awesome! She was originally going to drop down to the 10k but last minute decided to stick with the half and I was so happy we did the whole thing together! We had so much fun. I think I would have been sad and lonely on my own, though I had Dan Savage podcasts on my phone as backup.
  • We didn’t chat the whole way but we did stick together, laughed at some folks, sang to each other a little, and had fun.

  • According to my Garmin, I covered 13.18 miles in 2 hours and 48 minutes for an overall pace of 12:48.
  • I finished in 1200th place. Seriously. It sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not.
  • Oh! I almost forgot, The Edwards House was the B&B where we stayed and it was incredible. The people there were so nice and welcoming! They packed a breakfast to go for us in the morning. And I think they thought we were a couple, which is more funny since we’re related, not so much since we’re both ladies.

Probably more to come. Not much more, but a few more photos and anything else I’m forgetting.



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