Dressing Room Snaps

I almost never go clothes shopping with anyone anymore. I just don’t even consider it an activity to do with someone else. I can usually make it through a whole store within 10 minutes, having decided the things I want to try on or not, and maybe 3 times a year I’ll solicit advice via text or twitter on whether I should buy something, but otherwise I’m a pretty straightforward “Do I love it?” shopper.

But I was in the dressing room Saturday and I heard a group of women oohing and aaahing and no-way-ing each others’ options, and it kind of made me want to pop out and be like, “Ladies! Yes or no to this?!?”

So I’m trying out blogging about it? We’ll see how this goes. These are all from Nordstrom Rack. If I was hardcore I’d have the brand, price, size and other good stuff. Instead I’m just…mostly posting pictures of dresses I don’t love. Hrmmm.

1. OMG. The back has normal straight up and down straps, and I thought it was the front. I would never have even tried this otherwise. I don’t wear anything that suggests a frown shape on my chest.

2. Adorable. But too low cut, and the slip that came under this sheer dress ended a solid four inches above the dress hemline. No, thanks!

3.  This came close to coming home with me (knowing it would call for some shapewear underneath, which is fine) but again with the slip being too short, and spaghetti strappish. I’d have to find a nude slip that has wide straps to cover my bra. Too much work.

4. Sooo close. I loved this, but the drapey part on the front (grr, so hard to see in the only photo I took) was just like an inch too drapey. It looked weird and stretched out and saggy.

5. Hello, Boobs McGee! I’m kind of over things that require a camisole or something else to make them work. Been there, safety pinned that.

6. Winner! Bought it. Wore it all weekend. Wore it to work yesterday. (My office is super casual.) My new favorite thing.

The store was having a special sale on large sized shoes, and they were right next to a rack of maxi dresses. “Tall ladies! OVER HERE!”



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