Colorado Half Marathon – Final Thoughts

Just a few more things. One, after texting my mom a photo of my cousinfriend and myself…

That is what moms are for! This is why I would not be a good mom. My mom has always been a “You’re the prettiest! You’re the smartest! You are the best most amazing person!”

Whereas if my kid came in 1200th place I’d pull out my go-to: “Well, you’re good at other things.”


This is the medal we got. I love it because it’s big and heavy and I earned it. I don’t love that it’s three skinny dudes in tiny shorts. How about a little diversity? Lady runners outnumbered the dudes, and for the half it was by a ratio of two to one


I very seriously considered signing up for the Colfax Half Marathon this weekend, but I opted against it. Maybe another in the fall, but I really need to focus on triathlon training.

Speaking of training…

One thing I have noticed in looking back at my training for this race? While I love working out in the evening and have no problem getting motivated to work out, my schedule just doesn’t allow for the time I need to train for a 70.3. I had something after work yesterday, today, Monday, and Tuesday. I’m not, like, oh I’m so super busy and important, but I am running out of hours in the day lately so mornings it is.

I signed up for a fancy gym that opens a lot earlier than my beloved public rec center. It also has towels! Which is nice for a girl who bikes to work with a bag that weighs about 25 pounds (yes, I have weighed it).

 So far so good, I’ve made it there four mornings this week, and it’s nice to be able to commence drinking beer immediately after work, though I am sad to not be having a beer immediately after I run.



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