Welcome back to my life, ugly wetsuit

Open water swimming opened today! I swim in Bowles Reservoir, where Mile High Multisport hosts swimming from 7-9:30 on the weekends and 5:30-7 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This year I got a season pass so I can go as many days as I want. I have to go nine more times to make the pass cheaper than the drop in rate. Fine by me because I frigging love swimming outside.

I 100% stole this picture from google image search. This is Bowles Reservoir, but it didn’t look like this today. It was gray and raining pretty hard. One more reason swimming is better than running or cycling? Rain doesn’t really ruin it. The walk from the car to the locker room was chilly, but once you get in the water it’s hard to even tell it’s raining.


When I did my google image search, though, I found this drawing I made of the reservoir last year. Those are swimmers wearing bright yellow caps. You have to wear a bright colored cap, that’s a rule!

I felt super rusty. I had a false start with my wetsuit and one of the legs was all twisted. I also pushed a nice thumbnail gash into one of the legs. Oops. Maybe I did it subconsciously since I hate, hate, hate my pink wetsuit. It works fine as a wetsuit, it just looks like a 1980s barbie wetsuit to me.

Fancy photo collage of my ugly wetsuit, two pictures from this morning and a race photo from last year:

It’s always hard to put your face in the water for the first time, and it took me a long time to warm up, but after 20 minutes or so I was feeling pretty good and transitioned from flailing and gasping to swimming and breathing. I definitely need to practice my sighting, but it felt good to be swimming outside again. Nothing against the lap pool, I love that too. But I wish I could take a picture of the view from the middle of the reservoir. It just feels so cool to be floating around out there.

And there is not a more friendly group of people than those you meet at open water swimming. Everyone wants to talk to you about your races and their own races and to compare notes on gear.

Aaah! I just feel so good and happy and looking forward to MOAR SWIMMING this summer.



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