Two heads are better than one

This morning I got up early to cheer Chris on for his first half marathon! Poor guy ended up two minutes over the two hour mark thanks to a six minute line for the port a potties.

It was really fun to get to cheer for him. We usually do the same races, and he always finishes first so I’ve never gotten to be the one craning my neck at the finish line, trying to get a good photo.

We came home and he started with a quick ice bath and then filled the tub again for a warm epsom salt soak. Halfway through his second bath, I thought,

“Uh oh. I have to go to the bathroom. Ugh. Am I going to have him run the water while I go? Ask him to get out of the tub? I should just try to hold it…”

But then I remembered…we added a second bathroom! I keep forgetting because after some initial drama nailing down a start date, honestly the whole thing went really smoothly. I’m never home during the day, so it felt like plumbing and electrical fairies came each day like magic.

And four weeks later it was done! The contractor never officially told us it was done, but I did come home the day he said he thought he’d be done to find a final inspection notice on the kitchen counter along with the house key he’d been using. And he cashed our check. So, using my construction detective skills, I declared it done.

(He was actually really awesome, and we’re really happy with the work. He’s just really good at building stuff and not that great at emails.)

This is my I-just-used-our-new-bathroom-for-the-first-time face/dance.

I want you to know I paused for a long time before clicking post, because bathrooms and bathroom related things are kind of private, but what the heck. We’re all friends here, right?


One thought on “Two heads are better than one

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