Obligatory pre race day post about goals

So, I have a race tomorrow! I did decide to drop down from the Boulder Sunrise Olympic to the Boulder Sunrise Sprint. For some reason I was resisting the idea, letting it make me feel wimpy.

But the thing is, I was dreading doing an Olympic I was unprepared for. And now I’m looking forward to doing a Sprint I feel like I could potentially rock!

(I started to type something about rocking this race in a subjective way and to add some caveats about how slow I am blah blah blah. But I think I’m really tired of being self-deprecating about my own lack of speed. It’s borrrring.)

I honestly have no idea what to expect from myself. I spent all spring running slowly getting ready for my first half marathon. I have been swimming about a dozen times this year, and only two of them of open water. Aside from my daily commute (less than four miles round trip) I have only ridden my bike outside once since like…September?

So, no time goals. It’s going to be two hours and change. Whether it’s a little change or a lot remains to be seen. (The distances are long for a sprint. Seventeen mile bike ride? The other sprints I have done were 8-12 miles.)

My goal is to have fun. Not cry. Okay, aaand perhaps to cross the finish line with Chris?! He’s still doing the Olympic, but his swim will start 45 minutes ahead of mine. So, if I did a 2:15 sprint and he did a 3:00 Olympic…



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