Weekend Update

I have a very long post about Saturday’s race in the works. I don’t know why I have so much to say about it, but I do! Reader’s digest version: It was really fun, I’m glad I switched to the Sprint, and they frigging lost my times. I was estimating finishing between 2:15 and 2:30, and I think I finished right at 2:22.  They’re looking to see if they have a finish time for me, so we’ll see.

After the race, I went to a baby shower. Dehydrated guests with wet hair are the most fun, right? (Wet from the shower, not from the lake.) I was not up for alcohol at all at that point but the hostess sent me home with an extra bottle of champagne! Which I thought was a lovely party favor.

Chris and I both wanted to go to bed at like 6 pm but we managed to make it until 8:30 pm like the champions we are.

Sunday morning was the first morning in a while I did not get up early to get my swim or bike or run in, so we celebrated that with a boozy brunch at Panzanos’. Highly recommend it. And then, perhaps because I drank two mimosas at 9 am, I took to my bed and go caught up in my latest book, The Patron Saint of Liars. Also highly recommended.

With great effort I hoisted myself from my bed for grocery shopping and then City Park Jazz, where I enjoyed the parade of fashions both good and bad and Harper enjoyed love from everyone he met.

I will say it was weird to walk to City Park. I have ridden my bike there many times and I have run there plenty of times but man, walking is so much slower than running or walking. Who knew.

Made lunches for the week. Dragged myself into bed and then managed to get up early enough to make it to Monday’s 6 am yoga class. Win.

It’s been a random week. There was another cat in our home for a while, in addition to our semi-permanent houseguest and another lady houseguest. I contemplated giving up bicycle commuting after a nasty run in with a rude driver. We’re dog sitting starting tomorrow. Things just keep rolling along.


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