Weekend Update

This past weekend was gloriously unscheduled. I have had it staked out on the calendar for months for my annual Ladies at Little America weekend. LALA!

The Little America Hotel is a magical hotel resort in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It’s so close. It’s so cute. It’s so fun. And it’s so cheap. I never know how to really give a good sense of the place. On the one hand, it’s the nicest hotel in town. On the other hand, that town in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The lobby is all fresh cucumber water and plush couches and a gigantic marble fireplace. But the rooms have toile bedspreads and gilded mirrors and lots of white wicker. It’s like as nice and fancy as a hotel staffed by Cheyenne teenagers on summer break can be. The ice cream cones are 59 cents, and the gift shop sells things like black denim jackets with rhinestone designs. There is a real stuffed penguin at the entrance. It’s ridiculous(ly awesome).

I am not great at remembering to take photos, but I found these in my phone:

  • swimsuits, sunscreen and magazines (I only wore one, but I like to have options)
  • a silly amount of “roadtrip snacks” (for three people…for a 90 minute trip…)
  • the pool
  • some old ladies toasting with white wine


The weather was awesome on Saturday, but Sunday morning it was chilly so we packed it up early. I got home by 12:30 and had enough time to go for my first real brick of 70.3 training: a two hour bike bide followed by a 30 minute run. I had planned to do a spin bike-treadmill workout at the gym, but since it was cooler I took it to the streets. Or, I took it to the bike path at least. It was hard but doable and made me feel like maybe I won’t totally crash and burn in September.

I really thought I was going to rally and go to City Park Jazz Sunday night but drinking beer and listening to music in my house is almost the same thing, right?


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