PSA: Typing the degree symbol

It’s frigging hot in Denver. I’m not really one to blog about the weather as that seems even more boring than pictures of what I ate for lunch. It’s been getting hot and cold and rainy and snowy for a long time now, not sure we have anything new to say about it. I’ve already seen a picture of a car covered in snow, what else ya got?

(Though feel free to blog about the weather if a, you are hardcore and bragging about how you went outside and worked out anyways or b, if you are making me laugh.)

Anyways. I have noticed that a lot of Denver seems to think it is 100 asterisks outside rather than 100 degrees. So here’s a 20 second lesson in typing this symbol: °

This way we can all whine about the weather more correctly.

  • On a Mac, press Shift, Option, and 8 at the same time
  • On an iPhone, hold down 0 and you will get the degree symbol as an option
  • If you’re stuck with Windows, hold down the Alt key then type the numbers 0176
  • If none of these work try typing these characters in order: d-e-g-r-e-e-s

Tada! Thank you and you’re welcome.



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