Toastmasters, gardening, babies, music, etc.

So, this week definitely took a turn for the better after a bummer of a weekend.

On Tuesday, I went to a Toastmasters meeting for the first time. It’s one of those I’ve-been-meaning-to-scope-this-out-for-like-eight-years kind of things.  And it was really cool. They say it’s great for people who either love public speaking or are terrified of it (I’m the former, it’s never scared me).

I volunteered for the impromptu speech activity and had to speak for 90 seconds on whether I would choose to save a cat or a dog from a burning building if I could only pick one. I said if it were my own cat and dog, I’d pick dog because he is younger and has more life left to live. Also way more fun, entertaining, doesn’t puke on the furniture, etc. Sorry, Alaska!

Wednesday I volunteered at one of the Community Gardens in Civic Center Park. Lots of weeding, and I planted some garlic. Beers, plants, good conversation, and perfect weather.  Civic Center Park is one of my favorite spots in Denver.


Last night I dropped by to see a friend who was literally going into labor. (Contractions were ten minutes apart.) It was kind of weird, she was still hanging out at home, but by today her baby might already be born (or perhaps it’s happening as I type).

Other random highlights: introducing a bunch of people to hyperbole and a half, taking a bath and drinking champagne (to celebrate good work stuff!), I picked really good towels off the stack at the gym (some barely cover your bottom, this one had inches to spare), changing the sheets from cotton to our bamboo set (OMG soft), and good workouts this week.

Tonight, happy hour, tomorrow Avett Brothers at Red Rocks, Sunday…maybe City Park Jazz? We’ll see.



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