Fourth of July

I’m running about a week behind in my entire life right now. I’m super busy at work and in the thick of 70.3 training. I basically need 30 hour days for the next six weeks and I will be all set. So…here’s what we did a week ago!

I love the Fourth of July because I seriously love fireworks. I mean I know most people like fireworks, but I really, really like them. Probably more than you do. But I hate crowds. And to be honest, I’m still a little rattled from the panicking crowd at City Park Jazz three weeks ago when a police officer was shot, so I really didn’t want to hang out with the masses in Civic Center Park for the July 3rd fireworks show.

I figured it would probably be packed since it was one of the few fireworks shows that didn’t get canceled since all of Colorado is on fire right now. So we scoped out the roof of a parking garage near our house. The view was pretty and we had a clear view of the Capital, so we figured we were golden.

Brought some lasagna up (and two forks) and waited for the show to start. One of our weirdest “couple habits” (is that a term?) is that we usually only use one plate if we are eating together at home. Or eating together in a parking garage apparently. If we have guests we use our own plate, but if we’re home by ourselves we just dish up one big plate or bowl with two forks. Why get two plates dirty? Maybe this is something everyone does and I just don’t know…

Anyways. It turns out from our angle the fireworks show was just behind a building, but we could still see a lot. It was enough to give me my annual fireworks thrill. This photo does not capture the coolness at all. Even a little bit.

But we had fun. And then we sort of invited ourselves over to a friend’s house at 10 pm. And went back the next day for pool time because we are mooches like that.

I wish a little that I had treated July 4th like a free work day and just gone into the office and caught up on things without anyone else around, but I didn’t. I decided to do a long workout and be social instead. A week later as my inbox is exploding, I think I stand by those choices still.



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