70.3 Training – Who on earth has time to do this AND write about it?

70.3 training has me feeling some emotions lately. I vacillate between “I am going to KILL this race” and “This race might actually kill me.”

Between “I am so proud of myself for getting up at 4:30 to swim” and “There are literally not enough hours in the day for me to do my work and the workouts in my training plan so why am I even trying?”

Between “This is kind of not really that fun anymore” and “Do not even think about quitting now or all those damn 4:30 am wake up calls would have been for nothing.”

Between “It is really impressive that 100%-not-athletically-inclined-Mel is going to do a race that will take (me) eight hours” and “If I read one more effing blog post from some girl whose “slow” pace is sub 10 minute miles I’m going to vomit from jealousy.”

Anyways. I’m just working on this huge project at work and feeling like I’m not keeping up with that and not keeping up with my training and I’m tempted to just stay home and drink beer.

So, ummm…picture of a smoothie?

One of the many ways I’ve thrown money at a problem this summer was to buy a bunch of Blend-N-Go cups because I am such a busy and important special snowflake that I do not have TIME to pour my smoothie from the blender into a cup, y’all.


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