The Hills

Riding your bike up hills is more fun when you sing about it. This stretch took two hours, but it really did fly by.

Can you pay my HILLS, can’t pay my telephone HILLS, can’t pay my automo HILLS then baby maybe we can chill…


My baby don’t mess around when she’s biking HILLS because she’s biking HILLS


Sheep go to heaven, goats climb up HILLS


Party climbing up these HILLS tonight, everybody just have a good time

Chris is not going to get to do my 70.3 with me. He has a back injury that has recently become aggravated, and running is just not okay. He has kindly been “crewing” me. Picking me up late from the gym, having dinner ready for me (or a glass of champagne), washing the bag of tupperware I dump on the kitchen counter at the end of the day.

And, most kind, riding along at my pace to keep me company on bike rides. And contributing his fair share of hill-y lyrics.

Oh, and carrying the beer back from the store, of course.


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