2012 Goals – How we doin’?

Here is my 2012 blog post about goals, in its entirety:

Subject: Resolutions are Dumb. Goals Are Awesome!

So far on my plate for 2012:

  • Read 25 books
  • Plan an awesome vacation for our ten year anniversary
  • Run the half marathon I just signed up for in the spring (my first!)
  • Race the same Olympic triathlon I crashed and burned at in 2011, except this time not have my race go off the rails
  • Turn 30
  • Complete a 70.3 triathlon in the fall (Boulder or Harvest Moon? I can’t decide!)
  • Add a second bathroom to our house

The only thing that’s more of a I’m-going-to-TRY-to-make-that-happen-but-it-probably-won’t is a “resolution” I’ve made a few times: to blog more. I love going back and reading my almost daily posts from livejournal when I was in college. I’d love to just jot more things down for my own memories down the road.

We are at exactly the halfway point of the year, so I thought I’d check in.

  • Books – I have read 10 (I have not written about them all). Just a little behind.
  • Vacation – Done! Went to Mexico, laid on the beach for five days and made googly eyes at each other.
  • Half marathon – check.
  • Olympic triathlon – I signed up for one but dropped to the sprint. It was definitely the right call at the time, but I have my eye on the Rattlesnake Olympic in August.
  • Turn 30 – In progress. Check back in November.
  • 70.3 – Signed up for the Harvest Moon, and am currently training (which is why I have no life).
  • Second bathroom – check.

And even my sort of half-goal of blogging more, I’ve done pretty well. I’m already getting a kick out of reading about and remembering things from earlier in this year. Maybe getting into reading other people’s blogs is motivating me. I have kept an online journal for more than ten years, but until recently it was more for myself and a handful of friends and not quite as interactive as it is now.

So far, so good! Maybe I will set some new goals for the second half of 2012, or maybe I will just set myself up for rousing success by quitting while I’m ahead.