What I know about the news without really paying attention.

In the past ten years of my life, in my adulthood, I have never been as uninformed as I am today. I commute on my bike (no car time to listen to NPR) and I don’t really have a lot of downtime at work.

As a result, most of my news comes from the 30 seconds of radio that plays from my alarm before I hit snooze, maybe some local news at the gym, but mostly from twitter. The problem with getting world events from twitter, of course, is that no one tweets what happened. They only post their comment or joke about what happened.

Meaning, this is what I know about the state of the world:

  • Chik fil a hates gay people. And…something about muppets?
  • Someone cheated at badminton by losing
  • Romney said something embarrassing in Europe
  • Great American Beer Fest tickets had some kind of selling disaster
  • Bella cheated on Edward

On the other hand, I could give you more detail than you would ever want to know about the fixed acquirer network fees that Visa and Mastercard rolled out in the past few months (since it relates to my job) but that somehow hasn’t yet become a trending topic.


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