GPOYW: Getting rained on edition

Passing time while waiting for the show to start at Red Rocks last week or so. It is nearly impossible for Chris and I to be the same photo together and both be making a normal face.

Still sort of consumed by dreading and training for the Harvest Moon 70.3. Work has resumed a more normal pace, and I am happy for that.

I’m so excited for Christmas I can’t even stand it. And I want the new iPhone. And I just bought the cutest lamp. Ummm, what else?

Nova Lighting Plimpton Arc Floor Lamp

Lately I’ve been seeing some blogs I read post about hitting anniversaries. One year, maybe up to three or four. It got me thinking, how long have I had my social media outlets of choice? I’m an early adopter.

I have been posting about my life on the internet in one way or another for more than ten years. Longer if you count the website I made about myself through geocities in 8th grade. I first used livejournal in 2001, facebook in 2004, twitter in 2007 (my current one was opened in 2008) and I’ve had instagram since about a month after it launched. (Does that sound…brag-y? I really do not mean it to.)

I think I started this tumblr in 2008, but, as with all outlets, I usually go back and do mass delete/make private slash and burns. Because who wants the musings of their 19 year old self on the webs?

It’s all making me feel old. And, of course, judgy of the younger generation. But that’s a ramble for another day.



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