Whine, moan, complain.

Clearly I am tired today. Things I have complained about in the last hour:

  • People who email me when I want them to call me.
  • People who call me when I want them to email me.
  • People who spark/IM/ping me when I want them to email me.
  • That the guy who wrote this article seems to have not taken the five seconds to IMDB Aaron Sorkin before writing about his body of work.
  • The comment on that article that claims Newsroom needs 100% more Bradley Whitford. Because…Bradley Whitford is not on that show. So double the Bradley Whitford is still just…no Bradley Whitford.
  • People who read something that makes them roll their eyes on the internet and instead of just rolling their eyes or even turning to a friend and saying, “Dude, this made me roll my eyes, does this make you roll your eyes too?” go online and say reee-diculous things like, “I hope this person on the internet that I find annoying suffers very serious bodily harm.” 
  • The ridiculous response I got today when I tried to cancel my rec center membership. “You’re on the monthly auto pay?” “Yep.” “You can’t cancel.” “So, I have to pay $30 a month until I die?” “For at least a year.” 

    As someone who wants to cancel my membership, as someone who manages a customer service team, and as someone who is an expert (at least in a loose sense of the term) on ACH payment processing, I find quite a bit to be wrong with this system. I’m tempted to just issue a chargeback, but as a taxpayer I don’t want the city to incur an additional fee that comes with that.

  • People who tweet the same blog post more than once.
  • This summer. It’s lasted way too long, been way too hot, and brought way too much personal stress and far too many national tragedies.

I’m going to step away from the internet now. See you all tomorrow.



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