Run, run, run, run, run, run awaaaaay

I had the best run of my entire life last night. So of course I really didn’t want to go. I hemmed and hawed and spent a lot of time getting ready. I bargained myself down to a  3.5 mile loop and promised myself that’s all I had to do.

But Cheesman’s running loop is magic. It’s shaded, it’s soft gravel is easy on the joints, and it’s just curvy enough that you can’t see too far ahead of you, so it doesn’t feel like you have long to go. The track is 1.44 miles around, so it doesn’t take very long to tick off a “lap.” There are a zillion runners and other people around. There are some uphills but the payoff in the long gentle downhills that make you feel like a super speedy running rockstar are the best.

I love this park and ended up running until I couldn’t see and until I thought about how my mother would scold me if she knew I was running around in the dark this late by myself, with one headphone in no less.

I ended up doing four laps of the park, a little over eight miles total including the trip to and from my house, in about an hour and forty five minutes. And I felt awesome. I would have kept going but it was nearing 9pm.

It feels like I have been training for one thing or another forever, and progress has been very gradual. But it occurred to me…I’ve been training for a Half Iron Man for almost six months. Of course I can run 8 miles no problem. So that’s kind of awesome.



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