Obligatory pre race day post about goals – 2012 Rattlesnake Triathlon

At the beginning of the year I set some goals for myself. One of them was “Race the same Olympic triathlon I crashed and burned at in 2011, except this time not have my race go off the rails.” Reader’s Digest version: At my last Olympic Triathlon I had a pretty good swim, then bike disaster (you’re not supposed to have to kick your derailleur in order to shift gears) and I was defeated and drained by the time I got to the run and in tears at the finish line.

The way scheduling worked out, I won’t be doing the Boulder Sunset Olympic again, but I am signed up for the Rattlesnake Olympic Triathlon tomorrow.

I’m almost guaranteed a PR, so that’s nice I suppose, but I’ve given up on time goals. The plan for tomorrow:

  •         Take advantage of the rope line on the swim course and swim my little heart out without having to worry about sighting for the most part.
  •         Not be a huge scaredy cat on the downhill part of the bike and play it smart on the uphills: low gear and spin, spin, spin!
  •         Stick to a Run 5/walk 1 plan on the run.
  •         Finish feeling like I could have definitely doubled up on the bike and the run!

I’m pumped to do this race a few weeks before my 70.3. It’s the same reservoir, similar bike course, and similar run course (but only half the bike and run of course). I’m hoping it gives me a huge confidence boost and some peace of mind headed into Harvest Moon.

Weather tomorrow looks amazing. After disgusting heat all summer, Denver is finally cooling off. High in the low 80s? 60s and 70s during the race? But thanks to the hot summer the water is about 73°, as warm as that reservoir gets.

And they just repaved a lot of the roads on the bike course.

Seriously. Could not ask for anything better.


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