Technology housecleaning

I have spent the fast few days getting my technology house in order, and it’s a good feeling. Freeing up disk space, adding levels of security. And in sorting out old  photos I found these from when I worked at home and used this sweet white iMac.

IMG 0403IMG 0399

Awesome stuff that got done:

1. Added two step verification to my gmail

Have you read the crazy story of Mat Honan’s Epic Hacking? It is worth a read, but here’s the reader’s digest version:

A writer for wired had his twitter hacked, gmail account wiped, and his iPhone and MacBook remotely wiped. No fancy hacking, really. The culprits exploited the fact that Apple and Amazon have complementary security settings. That is, what one displays freely, the other asks as a security question.

So he got access to the Amazon account by verifying just the account owner name, email, and address (ridiculously easy to get) and that allowed him to see the last four of his billing credit card number. They called Apple, validated the account with the last four of the credit card, and they gave him a temporary password over the phone. His Apple email was his backup for his gmail, so they had a temporary password sent there and ta da. Off to the races.

If you haven’t already, you should turn on Gmail’s Two Step Verification. If you try to log into a google account from a new computer, it will send a code to your phone, and you have to enter that code to proceed. take maybe five minutes to set up. It’s not annoying at all, I promise. Do it. Do it now.

2. Deleted pictures off my phone that are already imported into iPhoto

Photos were taking up three gigs of space on my eight gig phone. I did an import to make sure I had everything in iPhoto and then used Image Capture to delete the photos off of my phone. It’s weird that there’s not a better way to manage this through iPhoto or iTunes.

3. Took the old white iMac into the Genius Bar for some love

Since I don’t work from home anymore, the white iMac is just an extra computer. Chris and I each have laptops so this guy just functions as the TV, basically.

Screen Shot 2012 08 26 at 4 05 10 PM

But a few weeks ago it stopped recognizing its own hard drive. Lame. Finally made an appointment at the Apple store and discovered it just essentially lost its file structure. The fix was free and only took 20 minutes. I could go on (and on and on) about how awesome Apple is.

The odd side effect to this was that Chris and I ended up at the mall on Saturday night. And we were hungry and had time to kill because we got there way ahead of our appointment. I would like to think this is how anyone ends up eating at the California Pizza Kitchen at the mall, but I don’t think that’s the case. I’m not generally a fan of TGI-Chili-bee’s restaurants, but I ate my $12, 1,200 calorie salad and I liked it. So, whatever.

4. Migrated all my tumblr posts over here to wordpress

I like it so far. It was scary easy to port everything over, and the import respected most of the settings on my old posts. Tumblr just gave me too many headaches. But now I’m here and it’s kind of nice.

I also cleaned out my gmail inbox a bit (down from 180 messages to about 50), deleted some iPhone backups that were eating up a ton of space of my hard drive, and upgraded my OS to Mountain Lion. Fun fact according to The Guy at the Apple Store: Apple has used names that all mean the same thing for its OS releases. I think it was Puma, Jaguar and Mountain Lion? I forget, but three of them are all the same animal. The more you know, y’all!

4 thoughts on “Technology housecleaning

  1. Hey thanks for the suggestion to set up the two-step verification thing! I just took care of it and it was super simple/easy. I’m also a huge fan of cleaning out my inboxes and photo stream on my phone. It just feels simpler! 🙂


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