Dogsitting: Meet Smith!

I brought this little monkey home for the weekend. His owner is out of town, so we are dog sitting! He is ridiculously small and insanely adorable. He’s actually a lot like Harper: pretty relaxed, likes to cuddle, only seems to bark when there is something that seems to be amiss (like the doorbell ringing).

I took my dog sittee, my dog, and my neighbor’s dog to the dog park. The weather was perfect, and they ran around like maniacs until eventually they crashed next to me. I have about nine million photos of these little munchkins but I will exercise some restraint. They’ve mostly been taking turns hanging out in my lap.


IMG 3057


IMG 3053

IMG 3060

It’s always strange to watch another dog and see how different dog lives can be.  For example, Harper usually gets feed twice a day, where Smith usually just has food out and available to him. Smith gets to have soft toys, Harper will just destroy them. A lot of dogs we watch are really interested in our cat, Alaska. Smith couldn’t seem to care less about her.

Anyways. He’s a sweet dog, and I’m bummed he’s going home.


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