What I did with my labor day weekend (besides dog sitting)

Went to happy hour at Ignite and snickered over the separation of all the girls at one end of the table and all the boys at the other. I was starving and inhaled some goat cheese dip. I have ended up here three times in the past month or so and everything I’ve eaten here has been delicious.

IMG 3040

I drove all the way to the mall (on a Saturday) to try on this dress I saw on anntaylor.com. It was gorgeous and on sale something crazy like $118 marked down to $19. I didn’t buy it because it was kind of clingy on the butt (and sizing up, pictured below, made the top too big and didn’t solve the butt thing) BUT I just wanted to say that this dress is awesome (and they had a ton left in all sizes) so someone else with less bottom should buy it.

IMG 3049

I also got my eyebrows “done” (a pre-race tradition, it has to make me at least a little more aerodynamic, right?) and same with my toes. I always get a pedicure before a triathlon. Because you’re barefoot before the swim and because it just makes me feel lucky.

Let’s see. I also went for the hottest run ever (with shot blocks in my sports bra because where else do you keep your snacks?). It was so hot out. I am not built to withstand these elements. I will take 15° over 90° any day. I started to go for a second loop around Cheesman and I just couldn’t do it, turned around and came home.

IMG 3059

And I went to the very last day of open water swimming at Bowles Reservoir. Since it was the last day of the season I thought there might be a bit of hoopla. Or at least that it would be busy? But it was more like the last day in the dorms at the end of the semester. Most people are already gone, it’s just sad and empty. There were maybe 10 swimmers around while I was there?

The water was cold. Not unbearable, but colder than it’s been all season (the water was warm all summer thanks to neverending heat waves). The water line has receded significantly, and the overall lower water level puts you more in the weeds. On top of that they were already taking buoys down. I spent a good ten minutes thinking I was swimming really crooked before I realized the buoy I was sighting was being dragged away by a kayak. Once they had all the buoys down I cut my workout short because it’s really hard to just swim aimlessly, and it was only open another 20 minutes or so anyways.

So long, Bowles! See you next summer. Awkward last-swim-of-the-summer photo below. I feel dumb taking pictures there because no one else ever is. The other people near me were all clearly serious and accomplished triathletes, chatting about plans for half and full IronMans (IronMen?) around the country and which race gave you the best chance to qualify for Kona. So I felt kind of dumb in my baggy swimsuit taking self-photos.

IMG 3055

I’m realizing this is a lot of photos of myself. Quick, look at these cute dogs!

!IMG 3058

I read more than half of this book, Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman. It’s a quick read but not a light read since it’s in part about child abuse. It’s been a long time since I ready a non-clicky book, but the library didn’t have this for kindle. (Okay, it’s actually been like two months since I read any book at all. I miss it, and it’s one of a billion things I’m looking forward to in a post-triathlon training life.)

IMG 3062

I also went grocery shopping, helped a friend unpack in her new house, did some work, and suffered through some very boring (and hot) hours at the gym. Same thing I do every weekend, Pinky.


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