It’s 475% More Miles

So, I went to get on the spin bike at the gym. There are only like eight total at my gym and only four of them have any kind of display (to show distance, time, play the TV, etc) and obviously those four get the most use. So I know the people who use those spin bikes all the time in the evening. There’s blonde lady, the guy who kind of looks like Alec Baldwin, and the guy who looks exactly like the guy who just won on the Bachelorette. (The resemblance is eerie.)

I get to the bikes and only Alec Baldwin is there, and he says, “You’re here a little late today.” And we chatted about how it’s hard to make time for the gym, that it’s more fun to ride your bike, and what not.

Okay, so then I say something like, “I signed up for this race and I’ve been training ALL summer and I’m REALLY excited it’s this weekend and I’ve been spending ALL my time on the bike and spin bike because I am SO nervous about the bike and being able to finish.”

“What race?”

“The Harvest Moon. It’s a half iron distance, it’s this Sunday.”

“Is that in Parker?”

“No, it’s in Aurora.”

“I think it used to be in Parker. I’ve done that one a few times.”

Okay, so at this point I know that the Harvest Moon is a race that’s only like 10 years old and as far as I know it has always been in Aurora but whatever. This is the first time Alec and I have spoken, so…okay. I don’t really want to correct him.

Blah blah blah, something about college football. Pleasantries. Have a good day! Have a good ride!

Later that very same day, I got an email from Active about upcoming races in Denver. One on the list is the Fall Frenzy. In Parker! And I was like oh, how funny, this is obviously the race he was talking about. It has a fall sounding name, it’s the same weekend, but this one is in Parker. So I check it out.

The bike course is 12 miles long. Alec Baldwin now thinks I have been training and fretting all summer for a 12 mile bike ride.


So obviously I’m now trying to think of ways I can casually work this into conversation the next time we end up on neighboring bikes.


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