San Rafapalooza!

I was so proud of my little neighborhood tonight. It was the first San Rafapalooza, a small street fair for our small historic district, San Rafael. Just a few blocks were closed off, and there were local bands and a bunch of local businesses (a coffee shop, bike shop, realty company, etc). I saw folks selling art, handmade jewelry, we all sang Happy Birthday to an 8 year old, and even a little slam poetry. 

I hope this becomes an annual tradition. I was impressed by the size and scope. That’s a big stage! There was a well stocked drink tent with beer, wine, and spirits, three or four food trucks, and maybe a dozen display tables/tents? It seemed pretty involved for the first year.


IMG 3105IMG 3106
IMG 3107


I am getting ready for the Harvest Moon tomorrow! I was hoping I’d be super nervous way ahead of time and then feel pretty zen when the moment actually arrived, and I think it’s working. I just used up all my nervous energy this week, and I feel a lot less like I’m going to throw up right now than I did earlier this week.

If you are concerned that I might die or otherwise epically face plant tomorrow, physically or metaphorically, the best place to find updates on my well being will probably be Chris’s twitter feed.



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