Looking forward to it

It feels to me like 2012 is gaining speed and suddenly we’re hurtling towards 2013. There are only about 14 weeks left in the year, and we will be out of town or entertaining house guests for two of them. Coming up:

  • I have one more race! The Oktoberfest Sprint Triathlon on 9/23, then I’m officially retiring. Forever. Or at least a year. It’s too expensive and stressful. Did you know there’s no rule that says you can’t just go swim, bike, and run for free on your own?
  • Booklover’s Ball  is October 6th! I am casually keeping my eye out for new dresses. I love (love) the one in the center but one, it’s super expensive, and two, I’m trying to imagine what kind of bra I’d wear with it…


  • The holidays are coming! We’re taking a week off to go see Chris’s family in Alabama and then my whole family is coming here for Christmas. I cannot wait.
  • I have no idea how this happened because I’m not a huge concert person but we have three more on the schedule before the end of the year. We’re going to Jason Mraz at Red Rocks and then Alanis Morissette at the Paramount Theater.  No, I don’t have particularly modern or edgy taste in music. But I have loved Alanis since I was 13 (and she was 21). Seventeen years later, I still adore her.

    And then we bought tickets to the Lumineers New Year’s show at the Ogden. It feels way too hot out to have new year’s plans already, but we had to jump on it since the show sold out pretty quickly. I’m obsessed with them lately, and the theater is within walking distance. So new year’s plans, check!

  • My birthday is at the end of November! I’ve just been referring to myself as a 30-year-old all year anyways but it will be official.
  • Chris is winning an award! They’re having a lithe shindig for him at the end of this month.
  • What else, what else? Book club, Quarterly HOA meeting, my (always epic) company Christmas party, Chipotle’s free festival in City Park, a few happy hours already on the calendar, Minds Matter is starting again for me every Monday, Chris’s company picnic, maybe another try at a run club, Election Day, and an invitation to a very important 3 year old’s birthday party. 2012, you guys. Almost over!

9 thoughts on “Looking forward to it

  1. re: run, bike, swim just for fun – there’s a guy at my work who loves to run and bike but has not and will not ever sign up for a race. once you bring in the stress and a training plan, he says, you risk it not being fun anymore. you feel like you HAVE to spend your saturday or sunday long running, even if you don’t want to. (also, i haven’t even run my 1/2 yet but i think i’m going to cool it on wanting to run a lot right now too)

    re: concerts – fun! hope you enjoy them! lumineers should be a great show – lucky you for snagging tix!

    • Lumineers at Red Rocks was amazing. I’m pumped to see them again.

      And I am planning to be on 17th cheering just after mile four on Saturday! Good luck good luck!


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