Denver Rock and Roll Marathon 2012

Chris and I cheered at this race together last year and had a blast. This year I knew five or six people doing the race (and it seemed like everyone on twitter and dailymile was headed there). I had planned to meet a couple friends around mile 4 to cheer again, but both ended up flaking so I camped out on the corner with my signs and my bell and made new friends with fellow spectators.

IMG 3195

I love cheering on marathoners (and half marathoners). It is so fun and so inspiring. Because unlike seeing random runners in the park or on the road, you know for everyone it’s Race Day!  And everyone woke up early and felt a little nervous and has some goal in mind for the day. It’s just a really beautiful way to spend a morning.

IMG 3193

Since I’ve declared a one year moratorium on races (after tomorrow’s) I think I’m going to try to volunteer and spectate at some of the big races around Denver. I may need to spruce up my signs, and I definitely need a new bell. Ringing my bike bell hurts my finger, and it kind of broke after an hour. I downloaded a cowbell app on my phone but it also stopped working. #bellfail

IMG 3196

Unfortunately when I got home I arrived to see this lovely scene. (I only left them for two and a half hours!) Harper is a 95% well behaved dog, but when he has friends over (we’re dog sitting) he likes to tear up soft things. Oh, well. I was just saying we’ve had this comforter forever and it could probably use replacing.

IMG 3188IMG 3189

I can’t stay mad at these sweet faces. When we adopted Harper we won the dog lottery. He is cute and well behaved and doesn’t really bark or chew stuff up. If he occasionally decides to ruin an old comforter, I still count us as lucky.
IMG 3190
Nice work, racers. Maybe I will run this next year. I mean, next next year due to my race moratorium. I keep forgetting…


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