You know that Veggie Tales song where they sing about being busy?

So much for my post triathlon surplus of free time. Work is still super busy, and there’s something on the calendar every day this week.

  • Monday – Jason Mraz concert at Red Rocks
  • Tuesday – Uptown Restaurant Walk
  • Wednesday – Running Club
  • Thursday – Overnight houseguests
  • Friday – Happy Hour
  • Saturday – Could it be I have not one thing scheduled? This seems improbable but if it’s true I am going to brunch like a boss. I remembered I am headed to a dog park meet up with coworkers.
  • Sunday – Yoga for Cyclists workshop at Salvagetti. Pumped.

Definitely not complaining about any of this. I’m excited for all of it. And I’m not trying to say “OMG I am so BUSY!” (and by busy I mean important!) I’m just saying that the completely unscheduled weekend where all I do is I sleep in, go to brunch, and read a book is still just out of reach.  And the evening I fantasized about where I leave work right on time, come home, eat dinner and watch a tv show? Hasn’t happened just yet.

And while I promised myself all summer that once my half iron man was over I would only swim and do yoga for exercise, I think actually I might be running a half marathon in November. And I’ve only done yoga once this month. And I canceled my gym membership so I don’t have a place to swim anymore.

Oops. My calendar is full of fun things that I like doing. Oh, well.



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