Harvest Moon 70.3 Odds and Ends

My actual race recap for the Harvest Moon 70.3 was already 90 million pages long. These are random moments from that race that don’t really fit into a recap. Mostly so I can remember them:

The run up:

As we pulled up to the park the sky looked so crazy. It was like you could see the curve of the earth as the sun was rising. It was really cool.

Img 3111Img 3113

When I got to the table to pick up my packet I had the most awkward conversation with the girl about my t-shirt size. I always ask for a men’s small and usually this will fit me or it will fit Chris. I’ve never actually gotten a race t-shirt that I ever wore again so I don’t really care. But the girl was like, “You asked for a men’s small, do you want a women’s medium?” And I was just so in my own head and not prepared for this question I stuttered and stumbled way more than necessary. Sorry, nice lady at check in. My women’s medium doesn’t fit, but I don’t really care.

The lady next to me in transition was SO chatty. And normally I appreciate chatty. I am chatty. But I was so nervous and she seemed to chipper I really hated her in that moment. She kept telling people around us where they could put their number on their bike. Random.

The swim:

Pro tip: one way to fog up your goggles really fast is to cry while you’re wearing them. And at one point I thought my goggles were leaking but I literally think it was my own tears sloshing around in there. Ridiculous.

I drank some water on purpose in the lake. It’s Aurora’s drinking water so I figured it was fine.

The bike:

I put my gatorade bottles in the freezer the night before and then brought a small cooler to put them in during the swim. As I left for the bike leg, both were still frozen solid. Luckily it was so hot the first one melted pretty quick in my bottle cage. The other bottle was in my waist pack, and it still had a frozen chunk in the middle when I took it out at mile 28. That system worked really well.

On part of the bike ride two horses ran in their field, parallel to me on the road. Thanks, pacers!

On one part of the course I came to an intersection at the same time a big white truck and a red SUV approached. A police officer stopped traffic so I could go through, and I told him it made me feel like the president and he gave me a good laugh. I felt the same way when Chris was riding next to me on the run. Like this must have been how President Clinton felt when he was jogging with his motorcade.

There were kids playing in a ravine who waved to me. I also passed a skeet shooting range. I found the gunshots a little unnerving.

At one point a woman pulled up beside me and asked me why we didn’t see anyone coming back. “Well, it’s not an out and back course, so…”

There was a cow on the last stretch of the bike course. One of the race officials had to go out and chase him off the road. The cow looked grumpy and I was a little nervous he wouldn’t move before I passed. But it did.

The run:

I also left my hat in my cooler with the ice, thinking it would feel great and cold when I started the run, but I don’t remember noticing. I think it was so hot that the hat didn’t stay cold long.

As I was walking from transition towards the run course I was rubbing my ring finger with my thumb. My hands felt naked without the rings I normally wear. Chris noticed and pulled them off his keychain and handed them to me.

Aid stations:

Aid stations staffed by teenagers are funny. I approached one and about eleven or eight kids were all sitting down at a picnic table. As I approached one of them sighed and said, “Can somebody get up and get this lady?” Another station had more enthusiastic kids and one proudly proclaimed my gatorade had “NO bugs!” (I swallowed a few tiny ones in different cups of gatorade. Oh, well.)

There was a really cute kiddo volunteer at the turnaround/aid station on the bike course, maybe 10 or 11 years old? I said “Thanks for being out here!” And he said “Thank YOU for being out here! I couldn’t even do this!” He was very earnest and I wanted to give him a dollar.

As I approached the last aid station, either at mile 1 or mile 2, there were like six volunteers (the rest were already all packed up). They seemed really enthusiastic and asked “What can we get you?” I declined, grabbed my belly and said I was pretty full. Right after that it occurred to me that they were there just for me and it would have been polite to take some water.

The aftermath:

I came home on Tuesday and there was an envelope in my mailbox with my name on it and a 70.3 sticker inside! Chris got it for me from the Runner’s Roost.  It’s kind of big, I haven’t figured out what I should put it on yet.

Img 3122

I have the most ridiculous tan lines. Really bad on my left leg from my pants and from my timing chip.

Img 3169

I have a dot on the back of each hand from my cycling gloves. And then there’s the usual half moons that come from wearing something racerback over something with regular straps.

Img 3171

We have an all-company meeting on Monday mornings. At the end we have a “Random five minutes” when people can share…whatever. Our CRO asked our CFO, “How’d your half-marathon go?” and she said it went well. And then my boss piped up with “Mel did her first half iron man yesterday!” And I said, “Yeah, that also involved a half marathon.” A little triathlon humor for you.

That afternoon I had lunch with a coworkerfriend. He’s an avid triathlete and an all around amazing human being and wanted to hear about my race. Surprise! I cried my eyes out as I told him about it.

That’s all. I promise I will stop talking about it now. 


2 thoughts on “Harvest Moon 70.3 Odds and Ends

  1. LMAO!!! Crying in the goggles, the horse pacers, the teenage helpers (and $1), the frozen gatorade strategy, the out-and-back question. Don’t ever stop talking about this race. Isn’t that why we do them?! I sure wouldn’t if I had that 70.3 sticker!!!

  2. Ha. The things you can take away from the race. If only there was a way to record all the random thoughts I have while out running…would be entertaining.

    And in case you were wondering capri tan lines are the new thing, all the cool kids have them. Just sayin’


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