Ignite Denver 2012

Last night was my first ignite event. It was very, very cool. The concept is a speaker has five minutes to present on one topic with 20 powerpoint slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Kinda like Ted Talks, but with slides, a full bar, and lots of cursing.

This is an example of a really good one:

How to Buy a Car

As has been an issue with powerpoint since it was invented,  there are some people who are going to essentially read slides to you. If I had one wish in life (well, if I had like 50 wishes in life) it would be that no one would ever read a powerpoint presentation to me again. The more effective speakers allowed their slides to complement their talks without being tied to them.

There were, in my opinion, three types of presenters:

1. The guys tied to power point: well rehearsed but would have been lost without the bullet points on his slides.

2. The stand up comedians: Little actual content and lots of obvious statements (like “Don’t do this obviously stupid thing” or “make sure you do this really obviously smart thing.”) Combined with funny pictures from the internet and plenty of f bombs. These folks were mostly going for laughs.

3. Dynamic speakers with a cool message: Clearly the ideal, these folks had a cool message, presented well, sprinkled in a few well timed one liners, but overall left me smarter and better for having heard them talk for five minutes.

In my opinion, the best speakers were Arif Gangi, Eric Rosenberg, Ben Deda, Eli Fehler, and Mollie Rusher.

I would gripe more about the talks I thought were bad, but Denver’s kind of a small town.

I would post video of the talks that I thought were really good, but they’re not on youtube yet.

I would tell you about my idea for applying to speak myself next year but I haven’t come up with it yet.

Coworker Etiquette

A coworker has an awesome habit that I wanted to laud.

I send him a request for something I need and, as per usual, copy my boss.

He notices I’ve said something that doesn’t quite make total sense and missed a piece of info I should have provided. Not a huge mistake, but a little flub on my part.

He emails just me in reply and asks for the additional info.

I feel dumb, apologize, and provide the info I should have.

He completes the request and then replies-all to my original email (to me and to my boss) saying he is done and we are all set.

See how he kindly refrained from CCing my boss when pointing out the my small, silly mistake?

I’m just saying. That’s classy, friends.

Odds and ends

Chris and I went to REI last Sunday and he spent like 30 minutes trying on cycling jackets, looking for one to replace his current jacket, which is looking a bit tattered. He’s a tall guy on the skinny side, so we were both surprised when he kept having to size up to a large or even extra large. And I was really impressed that the jackets came in the usual neon yellow but also pretty peacock blue and…we were in the women’s section. Which explained why all the jackets seemed just a little tight in the shoulders and short in the sleeves.

IMG 3453

We have one of those things that lets you make your own sparkling water. Or sparkling anything, really. I love sparkling water, so Chris has been carbonating water and sending it to work with me in these glass bottles. I did not know they were beer bottles and I got some funny looks at work.

IMG 3459

Our ‘Yes on 2a’ sign finally arrived! If you live in Denver you should vote yes on 2a if you like things like libraries and police officers. This is a pretty uncontroversial measure. Regardless of your opinions on the role of government in our lives, we all agree that libraries and police and roads are essential functions, and 2a allows us to have more of all that good stuff without raising taxes. Magic!IMG 3468

We are dog sitting two dogs this weekend, bringing our household total to three. Sadly I spent all day yesterday in bed fighting some kind of fever-y evil sickness. Dogs barking and wanting to play were not what the doctor ordered. (Chris was at work.) I felt much better today, so first thing we took them to the park for a good long romp.

IMG 3484

I was rather short sighted when I bought my MacBook Air two years ago and only sprang for the 32 gig hard drive. I have struggled with storage space ever since, and I finally decided to move most of my music and photos over to the iMac to free up space. It was pretty easy to copy it all onto an external hard drive and then from the drive into the iMac.

As a bonus, as the photos loaded into iPhoto, I got to see a rapid fire slideshow of that last five years or so of my life. It was fun to see really random photos I haven’t thought about in a long time. And not just…oh, that wedding! But also…oh man that really good breakfast I took a picture of with my phone. Or those suspenders I texted a photo of to a friend.

IMG 3506

Now I have a touch of the Sunday Night Blues. I definitely don’t live my life counting down to the weekend, but I always find myself lacking time on Sunday night and feeling a little stressed out. Like, I want to finish laundry, triage my work email, take the dogs for a walk, pick out clothes for tomorrow, make lunches for the week, fill out my mail in ballot, and go to bed in about three hours.

Tights are not leggings and leggings are not pants

Today I wore a dress to work that I deem just an inch or two too short to wear with bare legs (because I have borderline Victorian notions about hemlines) but it’s completely fine to wear with opaque leggings under them. The following is a very slightly dramatized text conversation that just happened.

Me: Embarrassing! I have a giant hole in my leggings. Since you will shortly be leaving our home and going right past my office, will you swing by and drop me off another pair?

He: Oh god. This is my worst nightmare. What if I accidentally bring you tights?

Me: Leggings don’t have feet and they have a wide waistband.

He: So, they’re like pants…

Me: Leggings are not pants!

He: I think I found some, but they might be workout pants?

Me: If they have anything reflective on them, that’s not the right thing. Or a nike logo…

He: Okay. I don’t know. I’ll just bring you a variety of black stretchy leg coverings from which to choose.

I won’t leave you hanging, he triumphed.

Obligatory cell phone pictures and a bunch of random unconnected thoughts from an Alanis Morissette concert

Obligatory cell phone pictures:

IMG 3423

Despite my terrible photos, we actually had really amazing seats at this show tonight. I am so blind that unless we’re in the first ten rows, I just see blur.

Her bass player was super hot.

I didn’t plan well, arrived starving, and ate the grossest pretzel ever.

I wish I wasn’t, but I was distracted by how much I disliked her green pants.

IMG 3424

I was a little surprised that I knew the words to almost every song. I’m a fan, but maybe I didn’t realize I’m a super fan.

Except when it came to ‘So Unsexy‘ which is one of my favorite songs ever, ever, ever. Because it’s about being sensitive and feeling like you’re being silly and let’s just say I can relate.

all these little abandonments
seem to sting so easily
I’m 13 again
Am I 13 for good?

I felt like I was one of the only people belting it out so I tried to belt a little more quietly.

IMG 3422

Under Rug Swept is my favorite album. And Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, but mostly the second half of that one.

I always think it must be really hard to get really, really famous for something when you’re really young. Like, she was 19 0r 20 I think when Jagged Little Pill came out. Can you imagine your breakup poetry from that age being the thing you are most known for the the rest of your life?

At the same time, I like when artists are happy to play the songs that made them famous (and rich) and do it with a smile.

This lady is a freaking rockstar. Glitter guitars and did not stop dancing around for two hours. Same with her band, they were all jumping around the stage like jackrabbits.

She’s also at this point probably given like…ninety thousand concerts, right? No chatting. Many “Thank you so much”s but that was about it. Get in, sing your songs, and get out.

I had FORGOTTEN about the hair-swinging, staggering headbang walk. If you haven’t seen that hair swing around in person you haven’t seen Shakespeare the way it was meant to be played.

I’ve been listening to Alanis Morissette since I was in 7th grade. A lot of these songs take me back to really specific ridiculous places. Like the school bus. Or my dorm room. Or my old car.

I always felt like a faker rocking out to ‘You Oughta Know’ because (KNOCK ON ALL THE THINGS) I’ve never had a bad breakup.

She looks so much like Soleil Moon Frye it’s eerie.


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