Election Day (Eve)

Today I met a real life undecided voter. I had an undecided voter in front of me in a swing state, shouldn’t I…do something? I listened to his concerns about both sides for a while, and then as a follow up I sent him The Economist endorsement. Because I had just read it and I thought it seemed fair and interesting and I like for folks to know I read The Economist.

I filled out my ballot this week and walked it to a drop box on Saturday. After hemming and hawing over some of the propositions and amendments, I ultimately followed the advice of a well-informed friend who I know shares my politics. Usually I’m that friend, but I was pretty lost this year aside from 2A.

The drop box was located outside an Early Voting polling spot, but they weren’t open. In lieu of the obligatory photo of my “I voted” sticker, please accept this photo of a sign outside the polling place.

IMG 3564

I stopped on my run this weekend to take a photo of these two competing balcony signs: Romney on the fourth floor, Obama on the sixth. I wondered whose sign went up first, and if they knew about each other. (I think the entrance to this building is on the other side). I’ve never put a sign for a Presidential candidate in my yard, though I did put up a Yes on 2A sign this year. I’m not sure yard signs have ever changed a mind, I think it’s a little bit more like hanging your college football flag up. It’s more about celebrating your own choice than convincing someone else.

IMG 3565

I’m getting entirely too moderate in my old age. I certainly hope that Obama wins a second term, but I almost feel a little embarrassed to admit that I suspect, if we end up with President Romney, we’ll be just fine.

IMG 3568

On the other hand, if 2A doesn’t pass and our libraries undergo further funding cuts, that might make me threaten to move to Canada.

2 thoughts on “Election Day (Eve)

  1. I liked The Economist piece as well. Though my husband had a good point, that probably most people who read The Economist can’t vote in the USA. 🙂

    I too find myself becoming more moderate, though somedays it feels like more apathetic.

    • Oh, I don’t know. Isn’t there pretty good circulation in the US?

      In 2008 I had way too much free time on my hands. In 2012 I’m just more of a get in, skim the facts, get out news follower. I don’t have time to read crap and let it get me upset.


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