Yay, Christmas!

Yay, Christmas!

I spent a huge chunk of the weekend decorating for Christmas and I am surrounded by sparkly lights and I love it.

Most of my decor has been the same for several years. But! New this year is this tiny project that turned out so well.

We have this half wall next to the staircase that goes downstairs. The half wall has three little shelves on it. Literally since we moved in four years ago I have been saying I want to wallpaper them. And I finally did, and it basically looks amazing.


IMG 3686



IMG 3688

IMG 3690

I measured and cut some pieces of foam board to size (leftover project posters from work) and used some leftover wrapping paper from last year to cover them. It was really annoying to cute the foam board to the right size (I’d recommend poster board but the foam board was free and already in my house) but the rest was super easy.

I love it. I’m not crafty in the slightest, so pardon me while I’m inordinately proud of myself.

Next order of Christmas business is getting our cards ordered. (Not to continue to brag, but our cards are awesome! I spend a ton of time on them every year and I get really pumped to send them out.) I can’t wait for Christmas cards to start coming in, too. I just love seeing all the smiling faces on my fridge. This is all of them from 2011:

IMG 1870

Merry Christmas, y’all.


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